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The Best Value for Bridal Showers in Chicago

Is there anything more exciting for a soon-to-be-married couple than the day of their Bridal Shower? (that is, until the day of their wedding)
The thrill of knowing that the 'big day' is fast approaching...the 1st real gathering of friends and family as part of the wedding process...all of the attention and all of the gifts...

It's a Special Day...Everyone Deserves to Enjoy It!

We know how special the day of one's Bridal Shower is, and we also know what's of utmost importance...a stress free day for both the soon-to-be newlyweds AND a stress free day for the person in charge of the event. After all, it's a day they are going to remember forever, and it's a day you deserve to sit back and enjoy instead of having to deal with a ton of last minute hassles.

Couples and party planners choose Village Greens for several reasons:

  • They don't like the idea of having the shower in a 'traditional' restaurant, getting stuck in some back room while having to talk over 150 other diners all vying for the attention of restaurant personnel...
  • They don't like the idea of having the shower in their own home because it would create too much stress...cleaning, cooking, 'how will I ever get 50 people in the living room?', 'will the other side of the family object to my choice of colors in the bathroom?'...etc.
  • They see our room and fall in love...simply decorated yet elegant...not over the top, but enough to impress.
  • They love the fact that the room is just for them...no other diners, no unnecessary noise. Just you and your guests and a wonderful view of the golf course.
  • They love the food...tons of choices and the talent to customize a menu if needed.
  • They love the price...no room rental fees, just the price of food, with options to fit every budget (most of our Bridal Shower options end up around $9.00 - $21.95 per person).
  • They love the fact that they don't have to vacuum the carpets or wash the dishes when they leave.

The Room

"Cozy", "intimate", "perfect"...some of the adjectives we hear all the time when people first see the room. Most agree that it's the perfect size...it comfortably seats about 70 people, but 30 people don't get 'lost' in the room as they would in a larger banquet hall. We generally seat between 6-8 at a table, with plenty of room for a gift table or two, a cake and punch table or a Mimosa Bar if you prefer and more. The room leads to an outdoor patio area, and just beyond that a wonderful view of the entire south side of the golf course. It's especially beautiful in the winter!

You may bring your own decorations if you'd like (most people opt for table centerpieces and party favors). Our Food and Beverage Manager can work with you to rent tableclothes and napkins to match specific colors or themes.

We have a 'take-out' window for our golfing guests if your event is during the golfing months, so they won't interrupt your event...the room is all yours!

We invite you to come see it for yourself.

The Food

Simply speaking... it's delicious. Most of our Bridal Showers opt for the buffet-style meals with a couple choices of entrees, a couple sides, and a salad plus dessert. That way, even 'crazy Aunt Mildred' will find something delicious to eat. We have plenty of options on the menu, but we'd also be happy to work with you to customize a meal to fit your special day.

We would be happy to arrange a tasting if you're interested...simply fill out the form below and give us a chance to impress you.

The Prices, the Extras, The Best Value for Bridal Showers in Chicago

I mentioned the average price range earlier...between $9.00 - $21.95. When you see our menu you'll see just how much you get for your investment.
We typically allow our guests to bring their own cake. We can handle the rest...liquor, punch, desserts (did I mention the optional mimosa bar?), whatever you need.
We even let you use our 2-  52" flat screen televisions to play a Powerpoint presentation, Bluetooth into our sound bar for background music, or add a DVD, or CD's full of pictures of the soon to be bride and groom...for FREE.

What you WON'T get:

  • A bill for the room rental - it's free with your food purchase
  • A bill for cake cutting - really, do you need to pay $1.00 per person to have someone cut a cake? Any other hidden charges. Your invoice will be the agreed upon price * the number of people requested. Period. (We're pretty confident that once you see everything we have to offer, you'll agree with the hundreds of other people who have had their Bridal Shower at Village Greens who consider us the Best Value for Bridal Showers in Chicago.

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