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    Retirement Parties

Celebrate Retirement Parties at Village Greens

When it's time to celebrate the service of that valued employee who's riding off into the sunset, Village Greens is the perfect place to host the big event.

Our food Our room Our service Our price
is delicious is quiet and intimate is top notch is affordable

Our room is the perfect size for most retirement parties...we seat up to 80 people comfortably...large tables, sleek yet sturdy chairs, simple yet elegant decor. We even have 2 - 52" flat screen TV's - use one to show a DVD or a Powerpoint with the "Top 10 Reasons We're Glad John's Finally Retiring" and a Bluetooth sound bar at no extra charge!

We have a full bar and serve all kinds of drinks...everything from freshly brewed iced tea to a rockin' Manhattan for the retiree (after all, they don't have to be at work the next day).

We host several Retirement Parties every year. Simply bring a few decorations, add your own retirement cake, and let us take care of the rest.

In our experience, most Retirement Parties are simple Appetizer only events or just a Light Buffet with some sweets or a cake, entirly affordable. We add tax and gratuity, but there are NO other 'hidden' fees...no bartender fees, no room clean-up fees, no 'you used our knive to cut the cake so there's an extra slicing fee'.

If you want a custom menu to tie in with your special theme, just let us know and we'll go to work to come up with something delicious.

If you would like to check the availability of dates, discuss your upcoming event further, or would like to book a date, call Marcia at (630) 353-3477, or, fill out the request form below and we'll get in touch with you ASAP!!!

P.S. We have 2- 52" flat screen TV's in the room, with another on wheels we could roll in, so if there's a big game scheduled for the same time as the party, nobody will miss a play.


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