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Wednesday,  March 24, 2020


The Golf Course is currently closed due to wet ground conditions/COVID 19 Precautions. 

The Pro Shop is open Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm.

 Current Activities - 3/24/20

None - Course is too wet

2 Fairway

Photo:  #2 Fairway, March 19, 2020


Please read below for important information regarding frost delays that may affect early season play.


Frost Delays

When morning temperatures are 40 degrees or below, there is a risk that frost delays may occur. Here’s a few things about frost delays that every golfer should know.

Why do frost delays occur?

Grass, normally resilient to footsteps and golf carts, becomes brittle and fragile when moisture freezes and ice crystals form on it. When exposed to pressure from foot or cart traffic, the crystals begin to puncture the living plant tissue. Damage does not appear right away, but will show up in the following days as the plant is unable to repair itself and begins to die. Frost damage can occur on any grass, but low-mowed grasses (or putting greens) are most susceptible.

A foursome of golfers typically takes several hundred footsteps on each green. Even allowing a few groups to play when frost is present can cause serious damage to the condition of the course. For this reason, when frost is present, we may delay the time the course opens or close the course for the entire day to protect the grass.

Even a little frost can cause big delays

Even if you don’t see frost when looking out your window, there still may be frost present on the golf course for several reasons. North facing slopes, low lying areas, and areas sheltered from wind or sun are more likely to remain covered with frost. If frost remains in areas that could be exposed to traffic early in a round, the course is likely to remain closed. It is also important to remember that once the frost is completely clear, the maintenance staff will need time to catch up on course preparations before play can begin.

Check before you head out

Since frost delays can happen, it’s always a good idea to check this page or call the golf club at (630) 985-3610 on cold mornings to make sure there are no delays with your tee time before you come out to the course.  ADDITIONALLY, if you provide your email and/or cell phone and opt-in to text messaging from Village Greens, we'll contact you the day of play with any updates.

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