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    Charitable Outings

I Want to Help you Make More Money for your Charity...And I'll show you how after your Free Round of Golf.

Dear Fundraiser,

I know you're busy, so I'll be brief. If you host a charitable golf outing, I'd like to invite you and your committee to Village Greens for a FREE round of golf. Afterwards, I'll show you how Village Greens can make you more money for your charity in 2021

We know, times are tough...the economy, unemployment, tighter budgets...all factors that have an adverse affect on your ability to raise funds for your worthwhile charity. Despite all of this, you believe in your charity and you want to see it succeed. At Village Greens, we want you to succeed as well, and we've developed a 'secret weapon' that will instantly set your event apart and have more golfers lining up to play in 2021

Call me today at (630) 985-3610 and let me tell you what it is.

Nearly 100 Groups Each Year Consider Us The Best Value for Outings in Chicago

Picking the right course for your golf outing is crucial to your fundraising success.

  • You need to pick a course that your golfers WANT to play. After all, their entry fee is your primary source of income. Pick the wrong course, a course nobody enjoys playing, a course that has become run-down over the past few years, and your chances of success become greatly diminished.
  • You need to pick a course that will command a top entry fee, allowing you to make a healthy margin on your expenses...and watch out for those hidden fees!
  • You need to leave your golfers with a good impression. Is your outing run by Golf Professionals and staff trained to execute a flawless event?
  • You need to pick a facility that treats all of your guests like royalty. After all, a negative experience not only reflects poorly on you, but also ruins any future fundraising efforts.
  • You need to pick a course that is truly interested in YOUR success, and are willing to do the little important 'little things' to make it happen.

We'll make you look like a hero.

Golfers LOVE playing our course, and they'll love you for selecting Village Greens.

  • Our 18 holes are challenging for the good golfers in your group (We host the Illinois State Scramble each year), yet we're a Beginner Friendly Certified golf course. Everyone in your group will be challenged yet comfortable during your event.
  • Our course is always in great shape and set-up to provide an enjoyable (not overbearing) experience for your guests.
  • We're conveniently located near I-355, I-88, and I-55, so your golfers can get to our facility quickly and easily from work or home.
  • At Village Greens, we routinely see charities command $95, $125, and even $150 for entry fees with extremely healthy turnouts. And believe me...at those prices, you'll make a LOT of money for your charity.

Outing Packages Starting at $59.00

We throw in all the other 'stuff' for FREE...FREE range usage, FREE pre-printed scorecards, FREE cart signs, FREE scoring, FREE proximity games, FREE on-line event registration, FREE banquet room for your raffles, silent auction, etc...

At Village Greens, you won't find hidden fees (some courses get you for scoring, banquet room rentals, bartender fees, range usage, and more!). There are no strings attached here. To figure your invoice, simply multiply the number of people in your outing by our agreed upon package price. Period. We're more interested in long term relationships than nickel and diming you to death this year.

Call me, or Wes Karneffel, Golf Outing Coordinator, today to learn about the 'little things' we do that will make your outing a success in 2019.

A Free Round Of Golf Awaits You.

We'd relish an opportunity to discuss your specific outing and fundraising needs. If you can sneak away from your other responsibilities for a few hours, we'd love to meet you. Better yet, bring your clubs and a buddy or two on your committee and play a round as my guest. Or, if you're a non-golfer but you have a trusted 'source' for golf course scouting in Chicago who wants to play a round while we buy you lunch, let me know. You can e-mail me to set up a tour or a complimentary round.

I'll Make This As Simple As Possible

Upon request, I'll forward a contract, and waive the deposit fee (if you can't trust a charity, who can you trust?). Schedule a visit and we'll help you and your team move forward to make your event a success. You'll spend about 1 hour wrapping up the details and let us handle the rest so you can get back to your other job responsibilities.

Call Or Email Me Today

I want to make your 2021 golf outings successful.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Brandon Evans • General Manager
Village Greens of Woodridge • villagegreensgolf.com
(630) 985-3610

P.S. When you stop by for your visit, We'll show you a thank you letter we received from the Little Village Chamber of Commerce raving about our customer service and the quality of their 2018 golf outing. They've already rebooked for 2019. If we can impress Little Village Chamber of Commerce with our customer service year after year, we're confident that we'll meet your needs as well.

Ready to Reserve your Spot?