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    B & B Golf League

The B & B Ladies Golf League plays 9 holes on Friday mornings from May until the end of September.  They are a mix of social and competitive and welcome intermediate golfers to join their league.  You must follow all USGA and League rules to join.  Our league has a variety of events on our schedule, including a B&B League Charity Outing and Guest Day in June as well as ongoing match play from July to August.  There is also a Ringer Tournament in June & July.
League Contact
Pam Murray  
For more information, contact her at:
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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2017 End of the Year Banquet 
B & B League Member Gets a Hole in One!
 CONGRATS!   Barb K. gets a hole in one on the 13th!!!  
8/25/2017, 7 iron. 104 yards. 


2017 B&B League Pictures
Ringer Tournament Results
June 30, July 7 & July 14, 2017
  Class A Class B Class C
 1st Place  Sue W.  Nancy N.  B. Krueger/N. Zapatosky
 2nd Place  Dru P.  Darlene B.  Kathy L.
 3rd Place  Julie H.  Irene K.  N. Hamman/J. Lechowicz
25 LongestDrive 
The B & B Longest Drive Event took place this past Friday, July 14, 2017.  This event is always a fun, competitive event.  Many of the women rise to the occasion when they're on Hole 15.  This image shows Irene K. proudly moving the Longest Drive Marker to her ball!
2017 Longest Drive Winners
Class A
Class B
Class C
Diane M.
Irene K.
Kathy L.
Why "B & B"?
It is believed that the B & B Ladies Golf League has existed for over forty years (maybe as many as sixty).  B & B stands for "Brookenridge" and "Bruce Lake" which is where most of the beginning league members originated (these are two neighborhood areas that can be found on Plainfield Road just east of Lemont Road).  The B & B Ladies League play began at Carriage Greens, but then then moved to Village Greens.  Currently the league has approximately 35 members, but we're always looking for newcomers!

League Charity Outing
On Friday, June 30, 2017 the B & B Ladies Golf League members participated in their League Charity Outing.  The nine hole outing is a fundraiser event.  The women in the league raise money for a selected charity through league member donations.  There is also an enjoyable luncheon following the nine holes of golf.  This year the ladies raised money for  the Child's Voice Pediatric Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (PEHDI) program. Click here to learn more about Child's Voice PEHDI program.
Luncheon Fun!
Thank you ladies for participating and your donations!

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