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    B&B Membership Booklet

Membership Booklet Download (PDF Format)
New Members are requested to play their first two rounds with a seasoned member.
Membership fees are non-refundable after June 1st.
Signing up for tee times is done online. Each Thursday evening (8 days before the Friday golf outing), you will receive an e-mail including a link to the tee sheet. You may sign yourself and others in your foursome. This tee sheet will be sent to Village Greens on the Wednesday prior to our golf outing. If you know you can't make your scheduled tee time and it is not yet Wednesday, simply return to the Google Sheets tee sheet and remove your name.  If it is Wednesday or later, please call the Village Greens Pro Shop to inform them that you are unable to play.
If the course is open there will be league play unless you receive an email from Village Greens, the league president, or her designee that the decision to cancel has been made. Reasons for cancellation are heavy rain, thunder, lightning, or excessive heat indexes in the area. The decision is for the safety of our members. Ultimately, it is your choice to play on a questionable day, however league points will not be awarded on days the league has been cancelled.

Note: Anytime the league is cancelled for weather related reasons, the dates will count toward your minimum 9 rounds required for seasonal prizes as long as your name is on the sign-up sheet for that day.
It is not necessary to enter the pro shop to check in if Village Greens has your credit card information on file. Simply check in with the starter 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time. The starter will electronically note your presence and your registered credit card will then be charged. If you are signed up to play and an emergency prevents you from doing so, your credit card will not be charged.
  • On a lost ball or a ball hit out of bounds, declare and play a provisional ball. If your original ball is then found, you must play the original ball and pick up the provisional ball (no penalty). If your original ball is not found, you must take a 1 stroke penalty. You will then be lying two strokes before hitting your provisional ball with your third stroke. Search time for a lost ball is 3 minutes. If a ball is accidentally moved during a search, you may move it back to its original position with no penalty.
  • Free relief (no penalty) is given for an embedded ball anywhere on the course.
  • If your ball unintentionally hits a player or equipment, there is no penalty.
  • If your ball moves on the green after being marked, you may replace it with no penalty. There is also no penalty for a double hit ball.
  • Loose impediments can be removed from anywhere on the course, including hazards.
  • You may choose to drop a ball out of a bunker by placing it behind the bunker and incurring a two-stroke penalty.
  • Putting with the flagstick in the hole is permitted. A ball that is wedged against the flagstick and the side of the hole is deemed holed. A ball that strikes the flagstick and bounces off onto the green is NOT deemed holed. Putt this ball from where it lies.
  • Hitting the wrong ball incurs a 2 stroke penalty. Changing balls mid-hole (unless this ball is lost or unfit for play) incurs a two-stroke penalty
Putting Greens – All golfers must wear soft spiked shoes so as not to damage putting greens.
B&B observes winter rules - Lift, clean, and place. You may improve fairway lies only by moving the ball with your hand or clubhead no more than 6 inches and no closer to the hole.
Water Hazards - Holes #11 and #18 - If your tee shot lands in the water, drop a ball in the designated drop area on the other side. These drop areas are roughly at the end of the cart path (hole #11) and between the cart path and the water (hole #18). If the drop area isn't visible drop your ball 2 club lengths from the red hazard line or stake.  All other water is considered lateral and you are to drop a ball 2 club lengths (no closer to the hole) from the spot where it left land. All of these dropped balls (from the drop area or from the side of a water hazard) incur a one stroke penalty.
Out of Bounds - The fences on Holes #12, 13, 14 and 17 are considered out of bounds. Your ball is not considered out of bounds unless the entire ball is located on the other side of the fence. If any part of your ball is inside the fence but you do not have a shot, drop your ball two club lengths from the fence but no closer to the hole. On hole #14, this may mean that your ball will end up on the cart path - you can move it again to get off the cart path. Each of these situations (including moving your ball twice on hole #14) incurs a one stroke penalty.
Protected grasslands, flower beds and man-made construction - The tall grass along holes #16, 17 and 18 are considered protected grassland. Do NOT enter to look for your ball. You MAY retrieve your ball from a flower bed or construction area (for example, an area where a water pipe is being repaired). Balls hit into these areas may be dropped ONE club length from the area, no closer to the hole, and do not incur a penalty stroke. Areas in, around and under trees do not fall into this category. Balls hit into these areas and having unplayable lies may be dropped two club lengths from the area, no closer to the hole. These drops incur a one stroke penalty.
Dry Creek Bed - Hole #14. This area is considered a hazard. If your ball lands in it you can place the ball behind the creek bed anywhere along a straight line back to the tee as far back as you need. Moving the ball out of the dry creek bed incurs a one stroke penalty.
Options for balls landing beyond red stakes or in water hazards
1) Play it as it lies, no grounding of club, no penalty
2) Rehit from original spot, one stroke penalty
3) Two club lengths from the red line where the ball left land on lateral hazards, no closer to the hole, one stroke penalty.
4) Move ball back as far as you want along a straight line extending from the ball to the position from which it was hit, one stroke penalty
5) Place the ball in the drop area on holes where you are hitting over water, one stroke penalty
Options for unplayable lies
1) Two club lengths, no closer to the hole, one stroke penalty
2) Rehit from original spot, one stroke penalty
3) Move ball back as far as you want along a straight line extending from the ball to the position from which it was hit, one stroke penalty
As a general rule:
When moving a ball for which you get a free drop (for instance, from a flower bed), your ball must be dropped ONE club length away; when moving a ball for which you incur a penalty (e.g., from against a tree), your ball may be dropped TWO club lengths away.

Whiffs and misses are considered strokes and are to be counted.

Maximum strokes allowed per hole is 11 and is recorded as an 11/3.

Strokes are counted as putts ONLY if struck while ON the green. If an errant putt leaves  the green and you use your putter to return it to the green, it is not considered a putt. Only strokes made when the ball is on the green are considered putts.

Keep track of shots which go into sand traps. Put $ .25 into the Piggy for each sand trap your ball lands in. The Piggy is located on the B&B scoring table.

One dated, signed, and attested scorecard must be turned in to the B&B table for each foursome. The scorecard must include the complete last name and first name or initial of each golfer. It must include each golfer's total score on the hole as well as the number of putts.

Record your scores on the Google Sheets score sheet prior to Sunday evening. Be certain to include all putts, pars, chip-ins, and birdies (found at the far right of the spreadsheet). Failure to do so may result in lack of credit (attendance, events, pars-and-better points) for that day's round of golf.

You must have an established handicap to be considered for winnings in any tournament and you must play two of the three rounds in the Ringer and Handicap Tournaments. Handicaps are frozen during tournament. If there is a tie in any tournament, the winner will be determined by the best score on the highest handicap hole..
2023 Tournaments
Blind Partner Tournament:  June 24
Ringer Tournament:  July 9, 16, and 23
Handicap Tournament: August 6, 13, and 20
The following suggestions will facilitate faster play:
  • Move in a direct line to your ball. As you are moving, plan your club selection.
  • Take your cart with you for selection changes (but be decisive!).
  • Limit practice swings to one.
  • Use golf as an aerobic exercise, not a leisurely walk.
  • Chatting is a part of golf, but not the reason you are here.
  • Help each other spot balls.
  • Play ready golf on all parts of the course.
  • Leave the putting green as soon as all players in your group have putted out. If your group is falling behind, send the first two in the hole on to the next tee to get started there while the last two finish putting.
  • Mark your scorecards at the next tee box.
Goal: Keep up with the group in front of you, not merely ahead of the group behind you.
Each player will be awarded points throughout the season. Golfers are eligible for only one total season award.
  • Attendance per week = 1 pt.
  • Attendance at April Opening Meeting and Guest/Charity Day Luncheon = 5 pts. each
  • Weekly events per flight - For 1st, 2nd and 3rd place = 3/2/1 pts.   On events with only one winner (e.g., Longest drive) = 5 pts.
  • Hole in One/Ace = 5 pts.
  • Eagle/Birdie = 4/3pts.
  • Chip-In = 2 pts.
  • Par=1 pt.
  • Tournaments (by flight) - For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Ringer Tournament=4/3/2 pts.

Blind Partner Tournament=4/3/2 pts.

Handicap Tournament=4/3/2 pts.

     *You must play 5 times to receive a handicap.

  • **Total Season (by flight) - For 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

(Awarded for seasonal average and single game score)

Low Gross=4/3/2 pts.

Low Net=4/3/2 pts.

Low ringer=4/3/2 pts.

Low putts=4/3/2 pts.

**You must play 9 times to be eligible for these total season points. Signed-up rain day counts as a played day.
Monies available for prizes will be divided by the total number of points earned by the entire league to equal the dollar payout per point. Prize money will be distributed at the year end banquet. Members must make arrangements for pick up if not in attendance.

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