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    Mens Club


What began in 1961 as a gathering of a few friends and associates has evolved into a 130+ member club with a full event schedule, event payouts, social gatherings, and more.

The Men's Club is perfect for:

Competition - The Mens Club hosts formal events, on average, every other Sunday morning. Individual, 2-person, and team events are all included into the schedule, with various formats. A flighted Club Championship, Member-Guest tournament, and Member-Member tournament highlight the event schedule.

Social Aspects - Meet new people with mutual interests.

Business Networking - With 130+ members, you'll meet people from several industries and professions to build your business network.
Fun - Above all, the Mens Club is about having a good time to maximize your investment in golf.

Simply stated, you'd be hard pressed to find a better run, better organized, more fun Mens Club anywhere in Chicago.

The Village Greens Mens Club is run by a Board whose purpose is to carry out the mission of the Mens Club. If you are interested in membership into the Village Greens Mens Club, would like additional information, and/or would like to speak to the membership chairman, please click here.

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